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common pricing questions

What if I go over my monthly message allowance?

We've heard nightmares about companies charging overage fees to their customers for going past their monthly text allowance. We don't let that happen! We'll just give you a heads up if you don't have enough texts left for that billing period to send your message. We'll just ask you to wait till your next billing cycle or upgrade your plan. That way there are no surprise charges, ever!

Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

Absolutely not! You're simply billed on the monthly anniversary of your signup date and that's it. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

What is a textword?

Textwords allow people to join your SMS marketing list by texting a word to 31996. The process is very simple. When a customer sends your textword to 31996, we'll send your customized auto-reply back and we'll add that person to your text messaging list. Each textword represents its own list.